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Meetings-first Wednesday of each month at 7 pm. Meetings are held at 

102 N. Main Street, Clinton, IN

Little Italy Festival Town (LIFT) membership $10 per year



The annual meeting (Held in January) is where members of LIFT elect people to the board to fill vacant spots. Each year, approximately 4 spots become vacant as those board members complete their terms of service. Nominations are accepted that evening. To be nominated, you must have an active LIFT membership in good standing. After board members are elected, the board then votes for officers.

If you're interested in being a board member or helping with next year's festival, please contact any board member.

Officers elected for 2023


Adria Davis



Vice President

Jennifer Williams-Smith




Adele Giovanini Fossi




Jacqueline Cole Roberts



Board Members for 2023-2026

 Jacqueline Cole Roberts |  Barry Lilley | Sherry Beckmann Dave Marietta | Eric Davis

Additional Board Members

Kenny Colombo | Karmyn Newburn | Joseph Stewart  Anna Marie Hollowell | Matt Zanandrea.

What is Junior LIFT?

Junior LIFT is a youth led organization that is sponsored by the Little Italy Festival Board. It’s purpose is to support LIFT and engage in community activities to promote and support the Little Italy Festival.

Who can participate in Junior LIFT?

Anyone grades 6-12 can participate. They do NOT have to be a South Vermillion or Clinton student. Students from other areas are welcome to join as long as they are able to consistently attend meetings and events.

What do members need to do?

Members of Junior LIFT will attend monthly meetings, engage in fund raising, and participate in various activities and community service events that support LIFT. These include but are not limited to: grape picking for the grape stomps, helping with LIFT clean up days, running a vendor booth during the festival, and any other activities which are deemed appropriate. These can include “fun” things as well (all dependent on funds raised to support it)

Does it cost money to join?

No. It is free to join.

Who can I contact for additional information?

Jennifer Smith, Vice-President of Little Italy Festival Board will be the Board Sponsor for Junior LIFT for the 2023 calendar year.

Junior LIFT

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