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From traditional food and Italian vendors to some of the wackiest and most eclectic festival treats in the Midwest, there’s no better event in the world than the annual Little Italy Festival in Clinton. Bring your big sausage, bring your pizza, corn dogs, and more! Don’t miss out on the year’s best opportunity to literally “print money” by serving tens of thousands of attendees.

Specialty and art vendors: Join us for our 1st Annual Market at the Depot! Let your crafts be seen by people who come from all over the world for this awesome event! Located in our Freight Depot property, Market at the Depot will be open on Saturday and Sunday only, from 10am - 5pm.  A 10x10 space is only $15 per day!

*Contact us at or 

Joe Stewart  812-223-1804 
Jacqueline Cole-Roberts 765-585-8786 

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